Duff Thompson and the Full Grown Men

by Duff Thompson

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released June 2, 2016



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Duff Thompson New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: I Don't Wanna Wake Up
I can do a good crab walk, Honey Child
When I want
We can lay down face flat on the floor
For a laugh
We can do the Mashed Potato any time
That we want
Sing me a song that you know I like
"La da da da da!"
Don't get out of bed for another day
If you do, I won't
'Cause I've been dreaming all day

And I don't wanna wake up, Darlin' today

I'm sorry that I made you cry pretty girl
If I did
I'm sorry that you can't draw blood from a stone
Even though you did
And it's all over the rug

And I don't wanna wake up, Darlin' again
Track Name: The Fog!
No shapes or view around me, just a purple hue
Where we met inside a dream
The only thing that seemed to move around was me

It's hard to see beyond the shadows in the fog
Through the haze, is my lover like a stone? Like a stone
I can't navigate so I wander

I can't deny that it's in my design
Like it runs through your blood
Baby, we were born to Love
Track Name: What a Hoot!
If I wanted I could cry about it
But I don't, so I won't
If I were a dog I'd probably hide in a hole about it
If I were you I'd be ashamed
...but that's not true

My rug has got too much dirt on it
And you keep sticking your fingers in the dip
I could spend all my precious time on it
But to you it ain't a thing
And ain't I blue?
Oh yeah!

My mashed potatoes fell on the linoleum
And I spilled my water on my last piece of toast
I just want a perfect piece of something
But it's you I want the most
Track Name: Is it Really True?
Is it really true that you'll be leaving?
Is it really true that you'll be gone?
Don't leave here looking down
It won't be for long
And all in good time we'll meet again

It can get so rugged, you don't have to tell me
And I don't need convincing to know the score
No matter what you plan
It always finds you
And all in good time we'll meet again
Track Name: I Don't Miss the Old Times
I don't miss the old times

I don't remember the beginning, nor do I fear the end
Who gives law to all the lovers?
The future only comes one day at a time

I don't miss the old times

If it's junk throw it away
Use it if you can if it ain't
Last thing I can use is another problem
I would bet that you would say the same

I don't miss the old times